Unlike dental insurance, we built a better way to browse, book and save on dental care.

Join thousands of brokers and offer your clients access to the dental care they need without premiums or restrictions. 

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Our agency partnerships team is standing by and can get your clients up and running in only a few minutes. 

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Best Prices

Up to 70% off of local averages; complete price transparency.

Best Dentists

We only work with the best dentists in each neighborhood.

Dental Rewards

5% Smylen Credits back on every dental treatment purchase.

Care Navigator™

Concierge-style customer support from dental experts.

Membership cost per month: 

$7 / individual & $12 / family 

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Close the dental benefit gap for your clients:

Those who don’t qualify for dental benefits

1099's, part-time 

Those opt out of dental insurance

Voluntary plans,
low employer contribution

Supplement traditional insurance 

Non-covered treatments
 ie. cosmetic, implants

Flexible for any organization:

Voluntary Only 

Employees entitled to special corporate membership rate.


Total or % of monthly 
membership fee.

Smylen Credits™ 

Membership PLUS an allowance to spend on dental.

Finally, a benefit that runs effortlessly

Plug & play onboarding - setup in < 1 week.

No additional effort for HR teams. 

Automated engagement tools drive utilization & ROI.

No EOB or claims processing required.

Robust reporting provided by Smylen.

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